Wellness do Brasil

See the Massage-Video. Click on arrow in center of the pic, a video starts!
Garotas Brasileiras Alexandra and Paulinha say Hello to everybody from Croco Beach, Fortaleza

Lies dies in Deutsch

Wellness do Brazil
Filmed at Croco Beach, Fortaleza

1 Hour of Relaxation
We recommend that you give your partner
a sametime - treatment while watching the Massage
sort of: "what you see is what you get"
Thus, the DVD will value most for you.

Massage Video
Professional Massage
From Head to Toe, Back and Front
Starring Alexandra and Paulinha

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Worldwide Shipping of the DVD in a sleeve, low shipping costs.

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Fortaleza / Brasilien

Further, there is a travelVideo, filmed Nov 2005 and March 2006
Ca. 3 hours showing Beach, Cebter of the City and Nightlife!
ULISES-BRAZIL-DVD, 19 Euro, order with e-mail   ulises @ ulises.de

and, new, there is a DVD of
Paulinha, click to see her sexy catwalk in Bikini
seen at Croco Beach, which is a part of the big
Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza, Brazil

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