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Nearly all my vacations I do in LOS CHARAMICOS, a part of Sosua on the North Coast. I am so fascinated of this little village that I never go out without my video camera as there is so many things to see which are worthy to grab and to remember. After several vacations and taking videos all night and day I am now proud to be able to present a video which is totally characterizing this barrio. If you ever go to Sosua, please visit LOS CHARAMICOS which is a part of the city and about 5 Min. away from EL BATEY which is the other part of Sosua where are the big hotels for tourists who stay there after having booked with a travel agency. The little videos which are stored at youtube and myvideo show the typical way of going from one place to another by chosing a public transport by carro which is a kind of taxi inviting about 6 persons to come inside and join the ride. It is very cheap to go with others but sometimes very uncomfortable, too. Imagine 4 people sitting in the back row of this car and 2 or 3 persons next to the driver. Price is about 30 Dominican Pesos going from one village to the next, i.e. a ride by car which lasts for about 10 to 30 minutes, like going from Sosua to Puerto Plata. If you like to know more about the living, loving and dancing in the Dominican Republic, please order one of my videos..

Hier ein Video, Fahrt mit Motoconcho von Sosua nach Los Charamicos
Das folgende Video ist übrigens ausnahmsweise mal nicht von mir:

Dauer: 8 Min 30 Sek, tolle Aufnahme, echtes Dom Rep Feeling

Ein komplettes Video von Los Charamicos bei Tag und Nacht ist im Jahre 2002 entstanden.

Klick hier für weitere Information und Fotos zu Los Charamicos!

Sosua Los Charamicos
Los Charamicos
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