Some need a drink in the hotel to get over the shock

at Air Port Puerto Plata (POP)

4 Steps you really should do now

Hints for changing Dollars to Pesos
and going by taxi to Sosua or Puerto Plata

After getting out of the plane do following:

1 st step) Change Dollars to Pesos right away

Getting out of the hall there is an office right away at the right side. Just change about 100 US$, you will get around 1.500 Pesos or a bit more. The exchange rate at the airport is not he best. Later, in Sosua or Puerto Plata, you will find a lot of places to change money at a better rate. So, you will have a few hundred Pesos more to spend on your vacation.


2 nd step) Go to a taxi cab

You really do not need someone to carry your suitcase! The carriers sometimes DEMAND US$ 5 tip, but it is only 100-200 steps away! If you want to make the carrier earn s.th. show him a 1 Dollar bill telling him this way that this is the max you will pay. It is paid good enough. But sometimes they think they are very clever. In this case they do not negociate with you but leave you alone to look for a dull tourist who will pay 5 US$ without negotiating. In fact, there are enough stupid ones, they know. And can let you go.


3.rd step) talk/negotiate with the cab-driver!

Tell the driver: SOSUA, Hotel XY, 250 Pesos.

He should be satisfied. If you want him hear to moan, then ask for a ride and tell him the price: 150. Mabe you will ride for 200 or 300 after negotiations, I do not exactly remember as I have a friend who lives in the Dominican Republic who always picks me up. But I know for sure: This is the first and last time you will spend much money on a taxi, during the rest of your vacation you will ride very cheap. It is just the damned situation of being at the air port... Do not get into the cab before having agreed on the price! By the way: The Punta- Cana Situation is totally different!! If you go there 4 the first time, without an organized tour with a cab waiting 4 you, please get yourself informed or be prepared to pay 50 US$ (800 Pesos) to get to the hotel!! It is another distance from the airport to some hotel there!


4.th step) Get into the taxi cab.

Let him store your suitcase, keep your small rucksack with the values on your lab. Tell him the name of the Hotel. Let´s go, Spanish: "vamos"



Keep in mind: I never met a criminal in the Dominican Republic, but always (10 and more times a day) you will meet keen sellers (male and female) who want to convince you to buy stuff you do not need at prices you should not pay.
Well, that´s MARKETING, on TV, the commercials try to do the same thing every 20 minutes with U. The only difference: The TV-commercial cannot touch you... doesn´t have big wide open eyes... cannot beg... plead... smile... be human... it cannot touch you... your soul, your heart...



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