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Offer of Videos, worldwide delivery

Dominican Dances:
See a documentation on how the Dominicans are dancing the Salsa, Merengue, Bachata + Reggae (Perreo) I am offering the videos on VCD for your DVD Player or on CD, you can see the video on your PC.

Dominican Dancing Queens:
Bachata, Merengue + Reggae - Dominican girls showing how they dance.
Bachata Turns for beginners and advanced dancers. About 4 h, 25 USD incl. worldwide shipment VCD or CDs with Mpeg and/or WMV

Dominican Music Bars
Nightlife, Video-Clips of more than 50 Clubs and Music Bars. Videos taken in Clubs in Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata. More than 6 hours of Dominican Nightlife to watch!
Mpeg/WMV Video Clips on CDs for PC or DVD / VCD. Newest clips taken in Nov, 2004! Price: 30,-- US $ incl. s&h

Dominican Voices:
Boys, Girls and Crazy People talking with Ulises in Spanish, however with Dominican Slang! Listen to girls talking about their lifes, wishes and dreams. VideoClips on 2 CDs, or DVD, ca. 180 minutes

Dominican Girls
Special Video Clip Collection of Erotic Dances Dominican Girls dancing at Night Clubs, lifting skirts, t-shirts, dancing striptease and other erotic moves. about 120 minutes, VCD or on CD to be seen on PC

Bachata at Rio Verde
Bachata at Rio Verde

Special Bachata-Dance Video for everybdy who can't get enough seeing Bachata. Most shots were made in Nov. 2003 in open-air-Discotec at Rio Verde, taken in the afternoon under daylight. You will see standard-Bachata moves and some rare dance styles which even me I have seen the for the first time in Nov. 2003!
Duration ca. 120 min. about 2 hours!
Price 25,-- US$ incl. shipping&handling

General Information: All Videos are on CD, viewable with Windows Media player. You find small promotion clips on various pages on websites under ulises or xenoconex. Please read a lot of more information about the videos like video contents, prices, s&h
Every Video is a real pleasure to see!
See Photos from the Videos on various sites of Ulises

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Please read a lot of more information about the videos like video contents, prices, s&h

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