Latest News from Sosua, Easter 2003

Latest news from Sosua, Easter 2003:

Things don't change much, except
prices get higher. But, then, gringos get a better rate of return, so it all
evens out for gringos, not for the people.

The biggest story is that a new beach formed out of nowhere. There was this
area which had high cliffs and maybe 10 to 30 feet of water below. Suddenly,
the next day it is a beach, and a rather large beach at low tide. I asked
how this happened and they said big winds, but I think it was some undersea
disturbance. Anyway, for days, 200 or more people were out there swimming
and partying until the police shut the beach down. They said it was too
dangerous with people climbing down the cliffs and all. But, I think it was
mainly the big restaurants that didn't like people getting a free beach.

This is a big weekend here, Semana Santa, which gringos call Easter. I saw a
guy carting a big load of beer down the street today, and all the rum is sold
out (well, not really), so why do I think maybe they have lost the theme of
this thing. I see all these evangelical ministers driving big SUV's. I have
asked them why they do not go barefoot like Jesus, but then maybe that was a
myth too. If I were the Pope, however, I would be a little concerned,
because the evangelical stuff here is increasingly taking a larger share of
the pie. They do try to shut off all music on Good Friday going so far as to
arrest speakers, but I don't know what they will do this year. On Easter all
Domicans try to get to the beach. Why, I don't know, nor do they. It may
have something to do with watching the sunrise at some earlier time, like
with the Druids, but this is all lost now. What I am really getting to is:
This is Easter so people are acting crazier than usual.

Several banks have gone under. Banks here do not carry insurance. In fact,
insurance of any kind is inoperable here. I used to have insurance but when
I found out that they never pay I gave it up. Now, you might say, get
Prudential or something. They cannot operate here without Dominicans on the
board, so there you are. The Canadian government recently put 300 million
here, but that is chicken-feed money as the government here is concerned.
They get more money than that from the IMF, World Bank, from board games.
Chretien is here this weekend, as is Clinton, playing golf together, as I
hear, at Casa de Campos on the south coast. I will tell them that I
contacted you via e-mail, and you couldn't make it. I will try to be
diplomatic, because I know how much they would like to see you.

I hope you have a nice Easter and that the Easter Bunny brings you lots of eggs.

A Friend, living in Sosua

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