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Please read this e-mail which I received from a Dominican girl who lives in New York. She paid with paypal and received the CDs with AIR MAIL 5 days after payment.

Thank you so much for the CD's and the stickers! The CD's were excellent! You dance very good -- and the girls are CRAZY??! Can you believe my mother is from that country and I NEVER HAD A CLUE that girls are that crazy in Dominican Republic. They are pretty but some of them drink too much beer. I hardly even drink soda, I only like water and juice but not beer. This video has a lot of information on the types of clubs to go to... Thank you so much. I see that you sell Dance videos right? Do you sell videos with the DANCE CONTEST (the salsa one?) Well Thank you so much for all your information. This is the information I always wanted to have and you made it possible. Take Care and continue having fun with those crazy girls. May I ask you a personal question? You have asked the girls in the video what is their dream guy right? What is your dream girl? Is it better being single? Many men enjoy this lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it as well :)
Cuidate (Take Care), J.

Non German Visitors buy the video by sending me cash or transferring Dollars with www.paypal.com
Before you send any money, please first send me an e-mail to uli@ulises.de with delivery address and learn more about how to pay. There is no problem, as you have read.

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