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Order the

How to place an order with Ulises
to receive the complete list of Dominican clubs

To place an order with me, there is not much to do:

1) Send me an e-mail to announce your order.
2) Put a 20 $-bill in an envelope.
3) Put your e-mail address in the envelope

4) Write down my address on the envelope:
U. Greiner-Bechert (thatīs my name)
D 3-4 (thatīs the street)
68159 Mannheim (thatīs ZIP and City)
- (no states in Germany)
Germany (thatīs my country)

5) Mark BY AIR MAIL on the envelope
6) put on a stamp
7) send the letter
8) wait 5-10 days
9) receive the list by e-mail

Click on this link to ensure yourself that
Ulises is a respectable business man

Click here to ensure yourself that the websites
Ulises, salsa-tanzlehrer, XenoConeX
are leagaly connected to my name

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