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Flash about Interview Rosmeri from Video DOMINICAN VOICES
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This Flash-Sequence shows what you can learn if you talk to the Dominican girls in Spanish language. Ulises has caught a lot of conversations with Dominicans and the most interesting interviews are collected and available on Video "DOMINICAN VOICES"
The Video presents Dominicans from Sosua, Puerto Plata and Las Terrenas.
You can learn a lot about how they live and what they dream of.
Duration about 3 hours! Some Sequences are also in Englisch as some chicas try to repeat their talking in English language.
Remark: The international version of the video is only available on CD because of compatibility reasons of TV format. The Video clips can be seen on any PC with Windows Media Player. Quality is a lot better than the videos published in the Internet. The international version lacks some interviws in German language, that's why I offfer only about 3 hours, instead of 4 hours to German buyers.

Non German Visitors buy the video, by sending me cash or transferring Dollars with
Before you send any money, please first send me an e-mail to with delivery address and learn more about how to pay. There is no problem, please read this letter which I received from a Dominican girl who lives in New York.

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