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Description Of A Typical

Dominican Music Club

A typical dominican Music Club with pretty girls
just waiting for you to come
generally is specified like tis:

Music that loud, that you hardly understand your own word.
The music comes from speakers
which should be old and very very big,
so that you do not only hear them, but see them as well.

No lightshow, some red bulbs maybe a blue one, too,
the most important thing is, that the club stays
in the dark and you can hardly see something.
Thus, you can take off your sunglasses which you normally
even wear at nite. :-))

The room should only have one wall,
the roof should be of straw
so if it´s on fire it burns best (joke)
Fact is, you have the feeling
as if it all happens open air

Most dominican Discoclubs are like this, plus:

The Camareras (waitresses) talk,
dance and drink with the male clients
and against receipt of Propina (tip)
they take you to their room
which is right behind the Club.
So, many Clubs are not only a bar to dance, but a
whore house as well, they girls are hookers (Putas)
but beware: Never tell them that they are!

You can find photos and information about Clubs on this CD.

typical looks of a nice Dominikanican Disco Club
Dominican Discoteca

See pictures of a typical club Salman near Puerto Plata

Always updating online:

Disco Music Clubs
online at Member's Area of the
Club Guide
which is reglarly updated

Rare things from the Dominican Republic,
Insider Information, only available from Ulises:
Dominikanische Raritäten, nur bei Ulises zu haben!

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